Village of Ballston Spa Skate Park

The skate park is a privilege that is free to all those who follow the rules and regulations stated below. A person’s privilege can be revoked at any time by any Village of Ballston Spa or Ballston Area Community Center’s (BACC) representative or employee with just cause. Just cause would include not adhering to the rules and regulations below. You must complete and present a liability waiver prior to use the Village of Ballston Spa Skate Park

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Liability Waiver:

Participation Agreement, Indemnification and Risk Acknowledgement. Please print clearly. If writing is illegible the form with not be accepted. capire le opzioni binarie

Rules and Regulations

  1. Skaters will skate based on their own ability and at their own risk.
  2. All skaters must sign the waiver, rules and regulations, and emergency contact sheet before being given access to the skate park.
  3. Skaters and others at the skate park or on BACC’s must adhere to the rules of the skate park at all times and obey the direction given by any Village of Ballston Spa or BACC representative or employee.
  4. All skaters must wear helmets, shirts, pants, and shoes at all times. Skaters must supply all of the above equipment.
  5. Skateboards are to only be used inside the skate park.
  6. Profanity, abusive language, threats will NOT be tolerated and could lead to expulsion from the skate park.
  7. Any violence will result in an automatic expulsion and a forever banning from the skate park.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at or around the skate park or BACC’s property at any time.
  9. Smoking is not permitted at or around the skate park or BACC’s property at any time.
  10. Bicycles, BMX bikes, scooters, inline skates (rollerblades), and any other recreational equipment that are not skateboards are not permitted in the skate park.
  11. In the event of rain, the skate park will be closed.
  12. The skate park is monitored at all times.
  13. Music must be kept at an acceptable level which would be considered that it cannot be heard beyond the skate park area.
  14. Trespassing on to the skate park (whether it is because it is closed after or during usual hours) is not permitted. If a person has been banned from the skate park and is found on or around the skate park’s property, criminal action may be taken.
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